Appease the Gods through battle and self sacrifice! Some of their demands may be harsh, but it's difficult to refuse when they control life, death and everything in between...

A simple beat'em'up game with a selection of random modifiers - Will you sacrifice your vision to the All-Father, or your strength to the Battle-Maiden, and still be able to defeat your enemies?


Left/Right - Move

Up - Jump

Down -Cycles Weapons

Z - Attack/Interact


Released (48 hour version)


Download 438 kB


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My Z key works to go inside the first stage, however I cannot hit any of the 4 foes inside of it. There is no attack animation too.

The first level requires the spear; it literally says that.

Sure, I realize it later when I scrolled down and checked the game description. My bad.
The only problem was the platforms, I was getting stuck all the time :(

Nice work!

I got stuck in the first level underneath the lowest platform. I could not jump or move.

Same here, wanted to play the game because I really liked the pixel art, but got stuck.

I reloaded the page and made sure to not jump below a platform and it went fine from there.